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First Alert Pet Food Recall Program

First Alert Pet Food Recall ProgramMulligan Stew Pet Food is a proud member of the First Alert Pet Food Recall Program. The First Alert Pet Food Recall Program is a voluntary effort and consists of a coalition of responsible pet food manufacturers who have agreed to alert their customers and consumers in the event one of our products is involved in a pet food recall. Mulligan Stew Pet Food is committed to the safety and efficacy of our products and in the health and well being of our end consumer - your precious pet. In the unlikely event of a recall of one of our products, we will contact you immediately with information regarding the products that are affected, the reason for the recall, what steps may need to be taken and updates. We will post this information on our website, notify our customers and the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Our company’s signature Formulation Guarantee Program is a further commitment we make to quality and safety. Under this program, a sample of each batch of Mulligan Stew product is sent to an independent laboratory for testing. We then post the test results on our web site for everyone to review. As part of the testing we look for potential contaminants such as melamine and cyanuric acid. This program is another way of providing up front and honest information about our products, the nutritional benefits and our label claims.

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